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We support the Most advanced IT Electronics Technology with High purity, high quality Key Material

Coporate Profile

The proliferation of information technology would be impossible without high-purity metallic arsenic, the base material for gallium arsenide semiconductors. We were early to notice the special characteristics of high-purity metallic arsenic and in 1961 initiated intensive research efforts. In 1972 then, we established our Iwaki Works in Iwaki city, Fukushima prefecture, for the volume production of 6N and 7N purities, in other words, purities of 99.9999% and 99.99999%. Today, the Company remains the unchallenged top maker of this material in the world.

We also produce an array of other high-purity substances of the highest quality, noise filter coils, aluminum nitride ceramics, lenses and mirrors for laser applications, to name our main products. In addition, our subsidiary Iwaki Semiconductors manufactures various high-performance compound semiconductors utilizing gallium based polycrystals. All of this output is required for the production of information technology and other electronic devices.

Amid widely held expectations for the continued rise of information's preeminent role in the 21st century - implying a technological revolution - we remain committed to promoting technological advance and developing innovative next-generation products.

Company name Furukawa Denshi Co., Ltd.
Products material for semiconductor
Established March 1st, 2005 IWAKI Works
Head office Kodate 20, KamiYoshima, Yoshima-machi Iwaki City, Fukushima Pref. 970-1153 JAPAN
Phone 81-246-36-2016
Fax 81-246-36-3973
President & Representative Director Hitoshi Iida
Paid in Capital 300 million Yen
Employees 238
Stock Holder FURUKAWA CO., LTD. 100%
Sales Office 2-3 Marunouchi 2-CHOME, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 100-8370 Japan
Phone 81-3-3212-3967
Fax 81-3-3212-6559